About Us

Hello and welcome to Beard Mate!

You found a place that thinks men should be bearded and I decided to help blokes maintain that perfect beard the natural way. Beard mate is made with skin and hair loving oils that are scented with some incredible essential oils. Just as an FYI, essentials oils are derived straight from nature whereas fragrance oils are synthetic. Why I choose to use the more expensive natural essential oils is because well they are real, and secondly because fragrance oils can dry your beard out.

A little about me, well  I myself am not a bloke, I have been very lucky to be surrounded by men who love their facial hair in general. To be honest, I don't know many that haven't at some point or another sported a beard or a mustache.  I grew up with a father who has always (and I mean always) cared for  the most awesome mustache and I have never ever seen his upper lip.

So i know from what mates, iare telling me that beards, especially when they start growing can be quite itchy and uncomfortable, and later on when that is settled, they can end up with lots of dry, flakey bits in their beard which quite frankly no one wants!

So with Beard Mate beard oils, I can help with this sort of thing.   



Happy Bearding...