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Basics Kit - Naked Truth includes Oil, Shampoo and Balm

Basics Kit - Naked Truth includes Oil, Shampoo and Balm

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Get a combo pack that is the essence of natural, simple and down to earth beard care.

  • Naked Truth Beard Oil (30ml) This is our handmade unscented beard oil for the man who wants all the nourishment from the oils with none of the fragrance.  Suitable for : - Light to Heavy beards Ingredients: Sweet Almond, Jojoba oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Beard Balm ( 50G) -  this is the essence of looking after your beard affordably, simply and naturally!
    • It contains all natural ingredients
    • It offers a medium hold
    • adds lustre and shape
    • Hydrates and controls the facial fuzz
    • Has very slight scent of the hemp oil/Beeswax 
 (for  Beard Balm list of ingredients click here)
  • Beard Shampoo (150ml)
    • Made with sunflower and coconut oil this beard wash is moisturising and mild.  
    • No harsh foaming agents (that's why we use a foamer)  
    • Scented with essential oils.

(for Beard Shampoo list of  Ingredients click here)