Beard Shaper - Beard Mate
Beard Shaper - Beard Mate
Beard Shaper - Beard Mate

Beard Shaper-Price reduced!

Regular price $12.95 AUD Sale price $6.95 AUD

Hi all! we received our next shipment of beard shapers and although the actual shaping product is great, we feel that the printing on the package was ugly and generally not very good. 

We are telling you this because naturally we don't want you disappointed if packaging is important to you!  Also we decided to compensate for this by dropping the price by 50% while stocks lasts.

Looking for an easy way to shape your beard? We love this nifty little tool and we think you would love it too.  So here it is right here in Australia!

About the Product
  • Perfect neck line and top lines
  • Can be used with a long or short beard
  • Creates symmetry
  • Use with clippers or razor over tapered edge 
  • How to use? comes with instructions on the card.

(this is not suitable to shape a moustache)

 A Helpful Tip

We actually got this from a review we found - 

"I tried to use a razor but you only have two hands. Put the tool up to your face, use an eye liner to make a guide, then use a straight edge razor to line your beard. I was asked 3 times after I used it if I just left the barber shop. Think outside the box"