How to use

This guide covers the use of

  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Balm

Beard Oil

Beard Mate Beard Oil comes in a very handy pump applicator. This has some very important benefits. One being, it will allow the carrier oil and essential oils not to be exposed to air. If exposed too often it will impact the aroma of the essential oils and also reduce the quality of the oil.  Being a naturally based product this means it should keep its properties for a longer times.

The second reason for the applicator is that it is easy to measure and determine what is right for you.


Time to apply

Best time to apply is on towel dried beard after your morning shower. This ensures that your face is warm and pores are open. this is because a healthy skin is a very important part of supporting the health of your beard. Open pores allow the goodness of the oils to pour in.

How Much

As mentioned above the serum pump applicator allows to measure without the fuss. As we are not there to advise we can only guess between 1-3 pumps depending on your beard length. Just remember that little does go a long way and the trick is to spend the time massaging the oils in.  As a good start use 1 pump and judge if you have used enough and work up.  This then allows you not to waste any of the product!

Just remember you are better off applying more than once a day to allow absorption rather than too much at one time where your beard/face will only absorb so much and it will feel too saturated.

How Often

How often you use Beard oil is really up to your beard and it can really be dependent on the work you do (indoors/outdoors) and the climate (humid vs dry).

  • If you live in a humid climate - you can generally get away with applying the oils 2-3 times a week.
  • If you live in a dry/cold climate probably tend to dry out a  quicker and may need to use daily. Even at time 2x a day.
TIP: Best to use your Beard Comb just after applying oil to help distribute .


How to Apply



Beard Balm

Our Beard Balm is a light medium hold for the reason that it is much better to use on your beard that a hard balm. Hard set balms will tend to take longer to work through your beard and will probably cause unwanted buildup which may be harder to wash off. For this reason we opted for a medium hold that be lightly worked through your beard to shape and hydrate.

 Generally speaking

  • Beard Balm is recommended for those with short beards/new growth- This is because the protective properties of the beeswax as well as the hydration of the Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba is excellent at keeping your skin supple and hydrated for the new growth and keep the itchiness at bay. As well as keeping your facial hair nourished.
  • For longer beards, it is used more for styling purpose and it is recommended that it is used in conjunction with beard Oil. This is because oils will absorb more readily into your long beard, whereas the balm will act as a sealant against the elements.
  • If you use Beard Oil and Beard Balm in the one day. Best to use Beard Oil in the morning then Balm in evening. Reason being Beard Oil will take can have a strong smell which will keep you and the Mrs awake . Balm on the other hand has no added scent with only a gentle beeswax aroma.

How to use

For average sized beard (12 months), simply use the back of your thumbnail to scrape a some out - probably no more than your thumbnail size. Warm the balm in between your hands and massage upwards into your beard getting all the way through to your skin if possible. Then massage back down for styling.

Remember:  a little goes a long way as too much will way you down. Beeswax can cause buildup especially if used too much

How Often and Time to Apply

You can use the same principles as Beard Oil.