How to Maintain your Awesome Beard

The Basics

  • Stop shaving - oldie but a goodie
  • You need a good beard care regimen (we recommend Beard Mate of course)
  • keep it nice and tidy (trimming scissors, combs or a trip to the barber shop (for a trim only!)

Maintain softness and reduce split ends

  • Keep your beard hydrated.  Believe it or not, normal shampooing can dry your beard. Some have harsh chemicals are are just not made with your beard in mind.  You may want to consider using a milder shampoo for your beard.  
  • Use beard care products with carriers that are specifically good for beards - usually, jojoba, coconut, sweet almond oil are very good and quickly adsorb into your beard.  How often you use depends on your beard and skin..some use a little every day while others 2-3 a week.  Beard oils also have a most gorgeous scent that is a bonus with the ladies.
  • Sometimes the only way to get rid of split ends is well to cut away your split ends with scissors. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself then your local barber is your best mate! Consult with them or if they are friendly they may even give you some handy hints to keeping it neat and tidy.