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Care for Facial Hair


Here at Beard Mate, our only job is to make your beard feel nourished, shiny and majestic.

Beard Mate beard oil collection is designed to:
  • Nourish your facial fuzz
  • Hydrate the skin underneath
  • Improve the health and therefore beard growth
  • Our products are Vegan made only with exceptionally awesome carrier oils like Sweet Almond, Coconut, Jojoba and Castor oil
  • We can customize your beard oil for any allergies (so if you don't want sweet almond oil let us know!)
  • Only use essential oils - no synthetic and drying fragrances here!
  • and BEST of all - Freshly hand made by yours truly!

    We also do natural and healthy Beard Shampoo, Beard Balm, Moustache Wax .