Beard Care Range

Why looking after your beard is important:
  • Reduce dry/flaky skin - All our formulas (beard oil, balm and shampoo) are skin loving, nourishing and moisturizing. Fighting off the beardruff has never been easier!
  • Enhanced beard growth - Our oils are made with  fantastic carrier oils like Argan, Jojoba, Sweet Almond.   These oils contain a heap of vitamins not to mention Vitamin E which is well documented to stimulate the growth of capillaries providing nutrients to the follicles.  If you are new to bearding, having a less itchy beard will also help you not to shave it off!
  • Stop the wiry beard - If you are growing a beard, we want you to keep growing it, and if its wiry and rough you are more likely to shave it off!  our oils are easy to apply and easily absorbed to feed the beard.