Why it is Important to Use Beard Shampoo

Beard maintenance does not start when you get out of the shower.  One often overlooked aspect is how to wash your beard.  For many men, the answer is to just splash some water on their face and then head out.  Whilst others just reach for their shower soap.  However, neither approach will cleanse and add lustre to your beard.

What is the answer?  Beard Shampoo.  As you probably know the hair on your face is different from the rest of your body.  This largely has to do with the skin, which is also different.  Given this fact, it is important to use a shampoo which will clean your beard without stripping the natural oils which keep your beard healthy.

In fact, using the wrong shampoo can even lead to split ends or even worse – bald spots.  These happen when the roots become so damaged that the hair follicles dry out.  The proper beard shampoo will cleanse and add lustre to your beard while helping to get rid of the dirty and debris it collects over time.  This will help to keep your beard healthy and looking good.  Not only that, but beard shampoo will also help to prevent itchiness and beardruff.

Another benefit of beard shampoo is that it helps to keep your beard moisturized.  This is because the right beard shampoo will help to wash away the dirt and damage you encounter every day.  At this same time, a beard shampoo is a great way to get rid of the residue left by your beard oil or beard balm.  Don’t get me wrong, both are a key part of your beard maintenance regime.  But building up the waxes and oils over time can do more harm than good.

Beard shampoos also help your beard to smell great.  Even if you go for an unscented shampoo.  It is not so much about the shampoo’s scent as it is about washing away the perspiration and dirt that builds up from having an active lifestyle.  Think about it, what benefit is there to cleanse and add lustre to your beard if it smells like a pair of old gym socks?

If you color your beard, then using a beard shampoo will also help to lock in the colors for longer.  This is because regular shampoos will actually strip your beard of the color.  Causing it to fade or even begin to lose some of its natural color over time.  In the end, this could actually highlight uneven tones in your beard.  Which means you will be spending more money on coloring.

Using beard shampoo is really easy.  All you do is gently rub it into your beard while it is wet.  Then massage your beard until it is well lathered and then rinse it out using warm water.  Beard shampoos come in either bars or lotions and the best choice will depend on your preference.  In terms of how often to use a beard shampoo, every other day is probably best bet.  This will allow you to regularly cleanse and add lustre to your beard without over-washing it.

Now even if you are using beard shampoo, you should not think of it as a replacement for beard oil or beard balm.  In fact, they are all part of well-rounded beard maintenance regime.  While it is important to regular cleanse and add lustre to your beard you also want to make sure that it is healthy at all times. 

Yes, beard shampoo plays an important role as it helps to get rid of damaging dirt and debris.  But beard oils and balms play an important role in keeping your beard well moisturized.  This helps to keep the follicles healthy and promotes a healthy beard.

This is especially true as your beard grows longer and thicker.  Not only do you need to keep your beard clean, but you want the roots to remain strong.  As such, you should not think of beard shampoo as the be all end all.  Yes, it will cleanse and add lustre, but you will also need to include beard oil and beard balms to ensure you beard is the best beard it can be.

In the end, the right beard shampoo is important to maintaining a healthy beard.  It is best way to cleanse and add lustre while getting rid of the dirt and debris your beard collects over time.  But don’t be fooled.  Using a regular shampoo might make you think you are washing your beard, but these are made for the hair on your scalp, not your face. 

Furthermore, the ingredients in your regular shampoo could end up damaging your beard over time.  As such, it is best to stick with a shampoo which is designed with your beard in mind – a beard shampoo from Beard-Mate.  Your beard will be better for it.


Provided by: Peter Hablutzel

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