Summer Skincare Tips for Bearded Men

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Beard Oil Summer

While the Northern Hemisphere inhabitants are saying their goodbyes to the summer and facing the reality of indoor activities and colder weather, Australian summer is only just beginning. Jealous? I bet. Now, if you’re familiar with Australian climate, you’ll know that summer can be really harsh on your skin. The heat, humidity, UV rays, pool and ocean water can both dry your skin and cause excessive sweating and enlarged pores, which leads to bacteria and dirt accumulation and therefore –  skin issues. Now, add beard to this scenario, and you’ll be already considering the idea of going beardless for the summer. Except that you don’t have to.


Cleansing & Moisturizing

 These are the basics of skincare and should be performed throughout the entire year. Usually, winter requires just a bit more of moisturizing, and summer a bit more of cleansing. So wash your face twice a day; for the evening, you can use your standard moisturizer, and for the morning, apply moisturizer with an SPF, so that you don’t need to apply two separate products. Some heavy moisturizers can contain photosensitive ingredients (especially for oily skin) that can cause spots on your face when it’s exposed to the sun. The best way to counteract this is to use pure and natural moisturizer to avoid all unwanted effects.


 If you haven’t already, you should invest in good quality products with all natural ingredients. They will nourish your skin better in the long run. If your skin gets dry even in the summer, my recommendation is Ursa Major natural facewash for sensitive skin. It will keep it nicely balanced and clean.



If your beard is your pride and glory, then you should show it some love and take good care of it. Improper care of beard can cause rather annoying problems that are hard to get rid of, like beard dandruff, itchiness, dryness, breakage of hair and split ends.


Start from the beginning and get yourself a specially designed moisturising beard shampoo for your beard hair, especially if you’re keeping it longer. Your beard hair is not the same as your head hair, right? So it does need an intended shampoo to clean it properly and to smooth it out a little.


Speaking of longer beards, if you’re going for a more polished and neat look, and you don’t want your beard to run wild and free, especially when going someplace fancy, you might want to consider using a titanium beard comb. It will comb out tangles and knots and prevent breakage if used on a regular basis.


Right after you get out of the shower, your hair follicles are open, so they will absorb nicely whatever you put on. It’s also easier to manipulate your hair when it’s wet. The best thing you can use to sort out two things in one move is to apply beard oil. It is nourishing and it will soften your hair, plus it can make your beard smell really nice, which is highly appreciated by ladies. You should opt for Beard Oil - Bush Ranger, enriched with essential oils. Essential oils are good not only for exuding delightful fragrance, but they also help soothing the skin on your face that is irritated from dryness and itchiness from growing your beard.


If your beard is on a shorter side, you still need something to tame those occasional but persistent strayed hairs. Growing a beard can be unpleasant experience with all that itchiness, so using products on your beard won’t only soften it and make it smell nicely, but it will also promote thick-growing beard. A good quality beard balm has good holding elements and conditioning components. It has solid consistency packed nicely in a small container.




Contrary to common belief, your facial hair doesn’t act as a way of insulation, which means it won’t make you any hotter (literally and figuratively) than you really are, since it can’t retain heat. What it can do, however, is protect you from dangerous sun rays, because it blocks up to 90% of UV lights. Still, you’ll need to apply sun block to the exposed parts of your face, if you don’t wish to end up with a permanent beard shape on your face. So, based on professional recommendations, Dermalogica protective sun block products should be your base for the summer skincare.


 Peter is a a men's grooming & fashion writer at The Beard Mag & The Urban Manual magazines from UK & AUS. Beside writing I worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & AUS! Follow Peter on Twitter for more men’s grooming tips.

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