Reviewed by Bobert Bush the infamous Beard Oil Collector!

As the bell chimed twelve the other night, I happened to fall into a conversation with an eccentric man known to the world only as Bobert Brush. This bearded man has made it his life’s work to hunt down every single beard oil on the planet Earth in a giant experiment called the The Best Beard Oil Project.

Bob  interviewed me thoroughly and wanted to find out all  about my Urban Growth beard oil and the inspiration for the recipes.

I know that I put my heart and soul in the beard oil recipes, yet be honest I was a little on edge and just wanted to know just how well our oils fared in comparison to the rest!  

Well, I am delighted to announce that we have been awarded joint first place with a total score of 90%!

You can read the full review here:

And lastly an excerpt from Bob’s musings:

“Immediately upon application I was struck by multitudes of floral yet masculine notes. Some running, some sauntering and yet others leaping into my nostrils. The essence is one of refreshment and invigoration. My eyesight was temporarily enhanced and all senses become momentarily brighter. I was a top-tier city banker wearing the world’s slickest suit as I stalked through the CBD, with women dropping around me at my feet with but a single glimpse of my bearded might.

My intellect doubled and I knew for fact that the day ahead was mine.”

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