Men's Health: Issues the Media Loves to Ignore


A person who sticks to the mainstream media would get an impression that violent deaths and terminal illnesses are the only two big problems out there. Anything that is not gory, terminal or dramatic immediately gets swept under the rug never to be mentioned again. In reality, however, things are essentially different. Seemingly harmless illnesses can sometimes cause a serious blow to one’s mental stability and even permanently lower one’s self-esteem. A health issue that endangers one’s lifestyle quality is already a serious matter, even without being a direct threat to their life. With this in mind, here are a few examples of medical issues that media considers minor and loves to ignore.

Beard Growing Bald

As we mentioned in the previous section, to some men, beard is much more than just a facial feature. It is a tool of self-expression. You can only imagine what tragedy would be caused by the idea of one’s beard going bald. Now, while every media channel is simply filled with products that prevent hair loss, nobody ever talks about a fact that the exact same thing could happen to one’s beard.

The worst of all is the fact that this particular problem is highly preventable. Still, it would require the mainstream media to at least mention things like men's skincare or even give a few tips on proper beard grooming. In other words, a few minutes of air time from time to time is all that it takes to make this persistent problem into a thing of the past.

Erectile Dysfunction

One of the greatest taboo topics in modern society is the issue of erectile dysfunction. While there are some who would like to equate this idea with the notion of male ego, the truth is that this disorder may have a much darker background. Namely, more and more doctors agree that erectile dysfunction can sometimes be an early indicator of a perilous heart disease. Seeing how this is one of the main non-violent causes of death, it deserves more attention. Nonetheless, even without this looming disaster, this particular problem can sometimes cast a gloomy shadow over your love life.


Another thing that often gets swept under the rug is the issue of depression amongst male population. A surprisingly large number of men won’t look for help when facing a depression because of fear that this would make them look weak in the eyes of other men. Needless to say, this vicious disorder can sometimes have a tragic outcome. This is the main reason why various male movements, like Movember, fight to raise awareness of this topic. Once more in the history of beards have men used their most recognizable facial feature in order to help a cause.

Dental Diseases

Finally, while also not terminal, dental diseases can become a serious problem for those suffering from them. People with crooked teeth tend to be less confident smiling in public, which further results in their lower self-esteem. In other cases, dental diseases commonly cause bad breath, which is one of the reasons why people suffering from them avoid close contact. On the other hand, most of these diseases are easily treatable, especially in their early stages. A perfect example of this is gum disease or gingivitis treatment, which at an early stage consists mostly of removing the plaque.


As you can see, if ignored long enough, even some of the most benign problems can in time get blown out of proportion. The only solution that men all over the world have when faced with this problem is to do some research on their own. On the one hand, in the early 21st century, this is no longer as difficult as it was in the past. However, raising awareness through usual media means usually gets much broader audience.

Written by Peter Minkoff


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