How to use Beard Oil and Balm for Men's Grooming

How to use Beard Oil and Balm for Men's Grooming

For hirsute men, growing a beard is second nature.  However, most mortals need patience and constant grooming to get a beard which looks like you just walked out of the Canadian Rockies.  As you are reading this article, I am guessing that you are in the latter category.  Your beard grows in, but it takes time and a lot of pruning to get it to a point which your beard looks like it has always there.  A big part of this is using beard oil and balm.

What is beard oil and beard balm?  Well, beard oil is a mix of oils including argan, grape seed, jojoba, and sweet almond.  These oils help to reduce beard dandruff by ensuring that the follicles remain fresh.  On the other hand, beard balm also helps to keep your beard healthy, it also helps to improve hold and this can be a big help as you style your beard.

So, when should you choose beard oil or beard balm?  With regards to beard oil, it can be used from day one as its purpose is to help replenish your whiskers.  As your stubble grows into a full-fledged goatee, you can use beard oil to help reduce itch and promote growth.  This is especially useful when you are looking to grow a bushy beard.   On the other hand, beard balm is a men’s grooming tool and its use will help you to style and hold your beard and moustache.  

Using both beard balm and beard oil for men’s grooming is rather simple.  It starts with pouring some oil or dabbing some balm into the palm of your hand and then slowly working it into your beard.  Make sure that the beard oil or beard balm gets to the skin to help penetrate the skin and promote healthy follicles. This works for all beard styles.  During application, you want to make sure that you are applying the beard oil or beard balm evenly. It does not matter if you have a moustache, a goatee, or a full-fledged beard – a la Karl Marx.  This men’s grooming tip will make sure that everywhere on your face enjoys the benefits of the product you are using.

A bonus move, one which all the beard pros use, is to use a brush or a comb for maximum styling as it helps to ensure your beard oil and beard balm are more evenly distributed over the follicles of your beard than just rubbing it in alone.

Now beard maintenance is not something to be taken lightly and if you are in the process of growing a beard, then it is best to start the good habits from day one.  Men’s grooming does not need to be a burden, but it is important to get into a groove.  You will look better for it and the ladies will love you.

Blokes don’t just want to have a beard; They want their facial hair to be thick and full.  Fortunately, this does not mean spending hours in the mirror just to get ready.  But as the beard grows bigger and healthier, you won't notice the fact that you will probably spend more time admiring how majestic your beard is.

Another important note when it comes to how you use beard oil and beard balm is that too much is not a good thing.  In fact, too much beard balm or beard oil can feel heavy and it will just be wasted as not all of it can be absorbed all at once.  Little more often works much better!

Looking at balms, another pro styling tip is to use it when your skin is slightly moist – such as when you just got out of the shower.  Just remember to comb your beard after application as this will help to work the balm throughout your beard.

One last point to cover is beard itch.  Many men believe this is a rite of passage when it comes to growing the quintessential beard.  This could not be further from the truth and situations like beard itch and beardruff can be averted by using beard oil and beard balm as part of your men’s grooming routine. 

Besides beard oil, what are some of the other benefits of beard oil and beard balm?  Obviously, a fuller, more vibrant beard, but also more control (especially with beard balm), softer beard, and no split ends.  So, if you are serious about growing a beard then you want to get serious with how to take care of it.

When it comes to how to use beard oil and beard balm for men’s grooming then remember, these simple rules:

1)    Apply the right amount for your beard;

2)    Gently rub the oil or balm into your beard;

3)    Use a brush or a comb to ensure the oil or balm is properly worked in;

4)    Don’t use too much or you will clog your pores;

5)    The best time for balms is just after you’ve showered or washed your face.



                                            Provided by: Peter Hablutzel


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