Is Your Beard Going Bald?

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So you made that big leap to grow your beard. You got your Mrs to be okay with it, then you start to notice round bald patches through your beard. So why is this happening?  ok lets get some fancy words out there, the patches that you are seeing my be related to what is medically known as Alopecia Barbae (AB). 

So what do researchers say about it?  in short, AB is a form of Alopcia Areata, which is a type of autoimmune disease effecting millions of men worldwide.  The immune system wrongly attacks the hair follicles (roots) which then causes them to be distressed and stops them from growing.  Although the disorder isn't considered dangerous it may cause itchiness and burning.  It may also effect men's confidence levels.

 What are the causes?

Well as with all things science, it is not clear exactly what causes it.  There has been link to genetics. Some studies have shown that it may be exposure to chemicals. toxins, bacterial or viral diseases.  Some say that perhaps it may be linked to anxiety or high stress way of life.  

 Can AB be Treated?

Your dermatologist may be a good starting point to discuss what possible medication can help. However be mindful that as it is medication they have some side effects.  Most common medication include Corticosteroids, Minoxidil and Anthralin.   

Some men have turned to more natural ways of dealing with this. Mainly use of essential oils like cedarwood and lavender amongst other essential oils.  As well as the use of carrier oils like Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil and Castor oil- all which are known to accelerate hair growth.

For most, taking action is effective in helping reverse the condition, however treatments may not work for everyone.  The prognosis for men with this condition does vary widely. There are times when this condition can spread to other areas and leave you totally hairless (aka Alopecia Universalis)

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