A Closer Look at the Advantages of Beard Oil

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Having a beard is more than just a fad, it is a proclamation your personal style.   One great way to take care of your beard is using beard oils.  These are a mix of oils which help to keep your beard looking and feeling good.  These beard and skin loving oils are a critical component in any beard maintenance regime.  The advantages of using a beard oil are not to be underestimated as they help keep your beard looking great while protecting your skin as well.

Beard oils are generally made from a mix of carrier oils and essential oils.  Carrier oils are made from nuts and seeds such as argan, grapeseed, jojoba, and sweet almond.  These oils are found in several hair and skin care products as they help keep hair looking fresh and replenish oils which keep follicles functioning properly. 

As mentioned, these oils are all natural and this cannot be understated.  Chemical ingredients may make your beard feel the same.  But they will do damage to your hair, follicles, and skin.  However, all natural ingredients are much better option for beard and skin loving.  They will replenish oils lost by your body and will do less damage to your hair, follicles, and skin over the long-term. 

Whilst carrier oils provide the base for most beard oils, essential oils help to provide some extra oomph.  These oils come in several scents and can work as antioxidants, keeping your skin clean and clear.  Essential oils also have aromatic properties which can help you feel better.

These oils should never be applied directly to the skin without diluting with a carrier oil.  The reason is the volatility of essential oils.  Yes, they are all natural. But close contact with hair and skin needs to be in the right amounts.  

In many cases, beard oils with essential oils will cost more, but they are a great option for the man seeking something more rejuvenating than carrier oils alone. Commonly used essential oils include citrus, sandalwood, or ever tea tree.  In the end, choosing the right beard and skin loving essential oil depends on the purpose. 

Beware of chemical-based bear and skin loving oils masquerading as all natural.  These oils will commonly use the scientific names to hide the origins of the ingredients.  As such, it is important to search online to find out more about your beard oil of choice.  Investigate the ingredients, learn whether they will help or hinder your beard care, and seek out alternatives which may be a better fit. 

Why should you use beard oil?  In most cases, it is to get rid of beard itch.  This occurs when your beard is growing out and your body can no longer produce enough sebum oil.  As such, your follicles dry out and your beard becomes brittle and scratchy.

While each beard is different, it is inevitable for every beard wearer to experience beard itch at one point or another.  This is because your body can only produce so much sebum oil on its own. For some men, this happens when their beard is still short.  Whilst others only begin to notice the irritating itch after growing their beard for 3 weeks or more.

The answer to beard itch is to apply beard oil. The oils will help to restore your follicles and will keep your beard looking and feeling great.  Every beard and skin loving man (and woman) can attest to the benefits of a well-maintained beard and beard oil should be a key part of any regime.

But don’t wait until your beard starts to itch to reach for the beard oil.  One should make it a critical part of their regime from day one.  Simply massage a little oil into the beard after your morning showing and then start your with the confidence which comes from knowing your beard looks and feels great. 

However, some men believe beard itch is just a phase and all they need to do it tough it out.  Whilst this may have been true 2,000 years ago, there is a better option today.  You see, failure to tackle beard itch when it first occurs , means you could run the risk of developing beardruff. 

This happens when the skin near the base of your beard dries out and begins to flake.  The next thing you know your shirt is covered with flakes.  Beardruff is actually very similar to dandruff.  However, the skin on your face is slightly different from the skin on your face.  As such, you can’t use your shampoo to deal with beardruff – instead, choose a beard and skin loving beard oil.

Besides dealing with beard itch and beardruff, beard oils can also help you beard to feel softer.  This can be important especially if you have a girlfriend or wife, as they don’t want to scratched to death.  Another benefit of beard oil is that it will help to prevent split ends from happening.  With fewer split ends, one will need to trim their beard less often.  So you see regular application of beard oil helps to reduce over beard maintenance and this is a good thing.

As you can see beard and skin loving oils are an important part of a beard maintenance regime.  Not only do beard oils help to prevent beard itch and beardruff, but they will protect your skin and while adding luster to your beard.  Remember to choose an all-natural beard oil as they will better protect your hair and skin.


Provided by: Peter Hablutzel

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