3 Things your beard wants

3 things your beard wants from you

Your beard is working hard . Only you know what you put it through! so here is your chance to give back.  Quite Simply Your beard wants:

  • Hydration - its thirsty all the time!  why because your face doesn't have enough moisture to give.
  • Shine - when its dull it doesn't look so wonderful - Your beardication hardwork needs to be rewarded by adding shine to your facial hairs.
  • Great Smelling stuff -  and who doesn't want that.  You want something that is real (like essential oils) and not manufactured (like fragrance oils) this is because the real stuff will nourish and love your skin underneath; the fragrance stuff has been known to actually dry your beard.

So why try beard Products?  

Because they will do all the above. Furthermore, not will you enjoy it, but people around you can enjoy the majestic beard you worked hard for. It will look good, feel soft and smell great.

We formulate our beard products with some fantastic essential oils - no fake fragrance here. Some are even unscented if you wish so not to interfere with your cologne.   The carriers oils we use are specially chosen for their moisturising non greasy effect on your facial hair.

Find them all here with our awesome range of beard oils, Balm and Shampoo!

Do you want more info on what beard oil is?  


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