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Ok guys, so lets tell it as it is not all women like bearded chaps.  Harsh i know but nevertheless true.

I myself am a woman who thinks men with beards "can do no wrong" . I am pretty much that person that goes round saying "great beard mate!".  Also am fortunate in that I get to meet lots of other women with bearded chaps at my markets. Here is what I learned from them.

  • First thing you must do is be proud about your beard. As a man you should be proud of your facial fuzz. In history the beard is the ultimate sign of strength and power. Be her protector, deep down us girls love to feel protected.
  • Never tell a woman that you are growing your beard because you are lazy!   Now I have been told this I don't know how often...and it even made me go eeeekk. Telling ladies your are lazy is a serious turn off! lie if you have to (ok don't lie but just don't say it!).  See point 1, if you are proud you are not likely to be lazy about it.
  • Look after it  -  Us ladies take a lot of pride in our appearance every single day whether we like it or not.. So you going around with half chewed up food nestling proudly in there, with it smelling like an old man's you know what...Not so nice right...imagine if women did that?So this means, shampoo your beard regularly and use some nice smelling oils or balmsto add shine and a beautiful smell.  
  • Shape it - Have a chat to your barber about shaping trimming. They are a great source of info on styling.
  • and lastly, accept that there are women that are just never going to like it. If you are already partnered up, it's ok she will love you with or without beard (heck not many of us accept absolutely everything about our partners). If you aren't partnered up, well you will attract the one that will love it. So your best bet, is again point 1, stay proud!

In summary, men your best chance to get her to accept, or long behold maybe love it one day, is be proud, and look after it with quality products that smell great (women are a sucker for good smells!)

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Happy Bearding!


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