7 Amazing Facts Every Man Should Know About Beard Balm

You may have noticed more and more retailers offering beard balm recently.  Whilst beard balm is less well known than its cousin beard oil, it plays a crucial role in beard maintenance - controlling those fly aways. 

This is not to say that beard balm does not provide the same beard health benefits as beard oil.  Instead, it also includes ingredients which help to improve hold. As such, beard balm helps to keep your beard healthy while making sure everything stays in place.

Beard Control

In an effort to control those fly aways, beard balms include natural ingredients such as beeswax, hemp oil and jojoba.  Each of these are known for keeping hair in place and they do so while increasing hair strength and repairing damage.  Some even claim beard balms can help to accelerate growth.


Stopping Beardruff

Another benefit of beard balm is that it helps to reduce beardruff.  This happens when the skin near the base of your beard dries out and begins to flake.  The next thing you know your shirt is covered with flakes. 

Beardruff is actually very similar to dandruff.  However, the skin on your face is slightly different from the skin on your scalp.  As such, you can’t use your shampoo to deal with beardruff.  Instead choosing a beard balm can be a great alternative. 

Whilst jojoba oil in the beard balm mimics the sebum oil produced by your body, the addition of the beeswax will help to protect  the hair follicles and seal moisture.  In this way, you are not only controlling those fly ways - but you are promoting a healthier, better-looking beard.


Softer Beard

This is where beard balm helps you to have a softer beard.  In fact, it is probably better than beard oil.  Though the men with the softest beards use bear balm and beard oil together.

How does beard balm help to keep your beard soft?  It starts with how beard balm works.  The oil and wax in the balm help to prevent damage from happening.  This, in turn, keeps your beard protected from the elements.  As you know a protected beard is a healthy beard. 


Put an End to Split Ends

Besides controlling fly aways and protecting your beard, balms help to put an end to split ends. This happens because the balms not only protect the roots of your beard but also the ends.  Both are important in the fight against split ends.  Protecting the roots helps to make sure your follicles are receiving the right nutrients.  While protecting the ends, helps to keep them clear and free from tangling or other damage.  As you see beard balms not only help keep everything in place but they are critical to having a healthy beard.

The Right Way to Apply Beard Balm

With everything in life, there is a right way and a wrong way.  Basically, you want to scoop a thumbnail amount of balm from the tin, rub it into your palm until melted, and then massage into your beard by starting at the roots and working your way outward.  It is very simple to do, but the key is not to use too much or too little. 

Choosing the Right Beard Balm

While choosing the right beard balm is often a matter of personal preference there are a few things you need to know.  Besides controlling those fly aways, a beard balm also helps to moisturize and seal your beard.  Whilst beard balms with grapeseed oil can meet this purpose they also have a very short shelf life.  As such it is better to look for a balm with argan or jojoba. 

In addition, you will want to stay away from beard balms which include petroleum jellies.  As the name implies these are petrochemical-based and long-term use is not good for your beard or your skin.

Best Time to Use Beard Balm

Sure, balms are really useful when it comes to sculpting and controlling those fly aways.  But there is a time and a place for everything and it turns out that balms are generally better for shorter beards.  This is because it is easier to apply the balm at the roots and get the full benefits.  While beard oils are generally better for longer beards.  In the end, the choice is yours and there might be times when one is better than the other.

As you can see bear balm plays an important role in beard maintenance.  Not only does it help to control those fly aways but beard balms help to keep your beard soft and healthy.  Whilst it is usually better to use a beard balm on shorter beards, the extra hold, and another benefits may also be useful to men with longer beards.  In addition, remember to check the label and choose an all-natural beard balm and chemical-based balms will end up doing more harm than good. If it's not Beard-Mate, it's not good enough.


Provided by: Peter Hablutzel

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