Ladies, why you are lucky your man has a beard!

Speaking as a girl, there is something so ...ok am gonna say it... hot.. yep hot about a bearded man.  Sorry clean shaven boys, but I just can't take my eyes off that bearded hunk that just walked past.



  • Beards go way back in history - way way back: In history men grew beards as a symbol of status,wisdom, strength and sexual virility. The growing of facial hair was the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood.  So he's your man not your boyfriend.  


  • He looks after his skin : You are forgiven to think that he has something to hid, but so not true!  Acne and skin inflammation is more often to do with shaving as razors can irritate the skin and spread bacteria. As for the secret of this smooth skin, well
    • a) beards can often act as an amazing barrier to harsh winds and
    • b) he will be using some hydrating oils (like Beard Mate beard oils) to keep his skin and beard shiny.  Beard mate uses essentials oils like lavender and ylang ylang blended with mascunline essential oils to make him look and smell delicious!
  • He looks more sophisticated -Ok most of us ladies go weak at the knees when we see that older, more mature, sophisticated man...have you seen George Clooney with a beard.. (yummy) here is a reminder.
  • He scares the bad guys away - going back to history again, let's look at a study in 'behavioral Ecology" which found that bearded men are more intimidating to other men -(I say they are probably also more respected by other men).  Researchers think that a beard makes a man's jawline look bigger and ward them off.  So he is a great companion on a night out!


So if you want to cuddle him a bit closer tonight, I get it... and if you want to tell him "I love you and your beard", then maybe you can say it with some one of our beard oils to help look after himself (and smell delicious).  My hubby uses it pretty much every day and he is  so soft and kissable! 


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