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Men's Health: Issues the Media Loves to Ignore

  A person who sticks to the mainstream media would get an impression that violent deaths and terminal illnesses are the only two big problems out there. Anything that is not gory, terminal or dramatic immediately gets swept under the rug never to be mentioned again. In reality, however, things are essentially different. Seemingly harmless illnesses can sometimes cause a serious blow to one’s mental stability and even permanently lower one’s self-esteem. A health issue that endangers one’s lifestyle quality is already a serious matter, even without being a direct threat to their life. With this in mind, here are a few examples of medical issues that media considers minor and loves to ignore. Beard Growing Bald As we mentioned...

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How to use Beard Oil and Balm for Men's Grooming

How to use Beard Oil and Balm for Men's Grooming For hirsute men, growing a beard is second nature.  However, most mortals need patience and constant grooming to get a beard which looks like you just walked out of the Canadian Rockies.  As you are reading this article, I am guessing that you are in the latter category.  Your beard grows in, but it takes time and a lot of pruning to get it to a point which your beard looks like it has always there.  A big part of this is using beard oil and balm. What is beard oil and beard balm?  Well, beard oil is a mix of oils including argan, grape seed, jojoba, and sweet almond. ...

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Is Your Beard Going Bald?

So you made that big leap to grow your beard. You got your Mrs to be okay with it, then you start to notice round bald patches through your beard. So why is this happening?  ok lets get some fancy words out there, the patches that you are seeing my be related to what is medically known as Alopecia Barbae (AB).  So what do researchers say about it?  in short, AB is a form of Alopcia Areata, which is a type of autoimmune disease effecting millions of men worldwide.  The immune system wrongly attacks the hair follicles (roots) which then causes them to be distressed and stops them from growing.  Although the disorder isn't considered dangerous it may cause itchiness and burning.  It...

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Summer Skincare Tips for Bearded Men

While the Northern Hemisphere inhabitants are saying their goodbyes to the summer and facing the reality of indoor activities and colder weather, Australian summer is only just beginning. Jealous? I bet. Now, if you’re familiar with Australian climate, you’ll know that summer can be really harsh on your skin. The heat, humidity, UV rays, pool and ocean water can both dry your skin and cause excessive sweating and enlarged pores, which leads to bacteria and dirt accumulation and therefore –  skin issues. Now, add beard to this scenario, and you’ll be already considering the idea of going beardless for the summer. Except that you don’t have to.   Cleansing & Moisturizing  These are the basics of skincare and should be...

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A Closer Look at the Advantages of Beard Oil

Having a beard is more than just a fad, it is a proclamation your personal style.   One great way to take care of your beard is using beard oils.  These are a mix of oils which help to keep your beard looking and feeling good.  These beard and skin loving oils are a critical component in any beard maintenance regime.  The advantages of using a beard oil are not to be underestimated as they help keep your beard looking great while protecting your skin as well. Beard oils are generally made from a mix of carrier oils and essential oils.  Carrier oils are made from nuts and seeds such as argan, grapeseed, jojoba, and sweet almond.  These oils are found...

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